#14 Spacehawk

Today’s 30 Character Challenge character is Spacehawk created by Vito Delsante.

Personality: Alien Icon

Building on the atomic aspect of the character (to help differentiate from Agents of Atlas’s Marvel Boy), I think Spacehawk is more or less a rock star. Kind of like Bono, he’s a well known superhero (with no need for an alternate identity, being an alien) making a stand on a social issue: the atomic radiation that keeps him from setting foot on his adoptive planet.


  • Gravity Manipulation¬†(Alien, Gravity) d8
  • Alien Technology (Alien, Tech) d8
  • Inspiring (Innate, Social) d6
  • Interstellar Martial Arts (Training, Fighting) d6
  • Alien Physiology (Alien, Survival) d4

Not much to go on, powers-wise, besides flight, so I’m expanding on Vito’s ideas a bit.

First of all, he can fly because he can manipulate the gravity of anything he touches. That also allows for what appears to be super-strength, as he makes an object lighter as he lifts it, or increases his own mass as he punches. (Yes, I’m confusing gravity and mass, it’s a comic. Get over it.)

For most of the powers I went with Alien as the tag, since we don’t know where Spacehawk is from. In another setting that tag might be a little more refined to allow, for example, Kryptionian, Martian, and Durlan tags.

Inspiring probably stands out the most, but I think it’s central to the idea of the character as an anti-nuclear advocate and Superman stand-in. He’s the kind of person who’s presence brings out the best in those around him.