How to Edit Dungeon World Anywhere

I’ll admit, this is probably only of interest to me, but it’s so cool I have to brag. I’ve figured out a nice setup to integrate editing of DW text from iOS devices into the workflow. Here’s how I did it:

1. Add DW to Dropbox

Assuming you’ve already got Dropbox and a DW enlistment using svn, add your Dungeon World folder to your dropbox folder using a simlink, using these instructions from Lifehacker.

2. Edit on the Go

I’ve started using a free app called Plain Text (pay to remove adds) which is designed for editing plain text from Dropbox and syncing your changes back. Luckily it doesn’t rely on the .txt suffix and will happily edit .xml files (no syntax highlighting or anything though). The interface is simple and clean, plus it’s free if you can stand the ads. There are plenty of other options that do Dropbox text editing, free and paid, so you can find your own app.

3. The Result

Now I can pull out my iPhone, edit a few lines in the Dungeon World xml files, and go back to whatever I was doing. The next time my home computer syncs, it pulls down the Dropbox changes into my Dungeon World enlistment. Subversion recognizes the new timestamp on the file and treats it as modified. I can review my changes with svn diff and submit as usual. Any changes I make on my laptop, or that I pull down with svn up, will be reflected the next time I open the doc on my iPad.

I admit, this is super geeky and probably not for everyone, but with the Holidays coming up and me planning to travel with only my iPad, this is completely amazing.